Concentration of Power

Concentration of power has caused significant damage time and again when it has been misused or abused. While power concentration can help to create efficiency in the short run, it can also pose excessively large risks in the long run.

Lack of Unifying Objectives

While high economic growth and employment have been the objectives often pursued by the governments around the world, there seems to be lack of strong unifying objectives in many societies (especially once a certain level of economic stability is achieved).

Poor Education

Poor education is affecting children all around the world spanning from advanced countries to developing countries.


Poverty defined as lack of access to basic material needs (such as water, food, and shelter) is still a prevelant problem on our planet.

Developing Strong Leadership

One of the main influencing parameters in success of any team or community (which could be a corporation, an organization or even a country) is the quality of its leadership. And it is difficult to find people who will disagree with the statement that strong leaders are hard to find.