Underappreciation of the Impact of Uncontrollable Aspects of Life

We, humans, are all well aware of aspects of life that we have limited to no control over. These can range from our physical appearance and health to the family, city and country that we were born into. In fact these uncontrollable aspects are present in every moment of our life and while we can definitely influence the path of our life based on our decisions, we should never forget their presence throughout our life.

Appreciation of the impact of uncontrollable aspects of life can specially be helpful when one finds herself/himself in one of the extreme tails of life. When one is extremely successful, it is always good to remember that a great part of this success is owed to the uncontrollable aspects of life. This helps one to never get ahead of herself/himself and always remember the misfortune of the unfortunate. When one finds herself/himself in an extremely unfortunate situation, it is also important to understand that she/he is not the only one to be blamed and that with hope and confidence in self one can always find a way to overcome the difficulties.

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