Happenings around the World...

White House invites lawmakers to view intelligence material on Trump ties , The Guardian Artificial Intelligence
In Afghanistan, martial arts league a distraction from war, poverty , Reuters Poverty
Fillon adviser says scandal harms campaign but it's not over , Reuters Plurality Rule
Game of Thrones Season 7: The first official teaser is here , The Independent Game
'Read my lips: no': Putin denies Russian meddling in US presidential election , The Guardian Plurality Rule
Ex-cyclone Debbie forces Queensland evacuations , BBC News Recycled Water
Britain sets out 'Great Repeal Bill' plan to transform thousands of EU laws , Deutsche Welle Separation of Powers
'Great repeal bill' offers little detail and even less security , The Guardian Separation of Powers
Ireland ordered to loosen abortion laws by Council of Europe , The Independent Abortion
German military to unveil new cyber command as threats grow , Reuters Lack of Unifying Objectives
Trump gets flamed: robot prints and burns president's tweets , The Guardian Robot
Venezuela's high court moves to expand power as opposition fears dictatorship , The Guardian Separation of Powers
U.N. chief presses Iraq's leaders to reconcile once Mosul won , Reuters Developing Strong Leadership
McDonald's to serve quarter pounders with fresh beef , The Independent Fast Fashion