Poor Education

Poor education is affecting children all around the world spanning from advanced countries to developing countries.

Poor education can be in form of lack of access to teachers and schools or it can be in form of improper education systems where the children are forced rather than motivated to learn.

We need to rethink the education problem globally to make it more accessible, efficient and effective.


Competing Views...

Nelson Mandela: "Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.", Speech at launch of Mindset Network, July 16, 2003, [URL]
I sincerely support it.. Many countries especially developing countries face thus issue. We need to think are really giving our future generations proper education?? Not only there is lack of teachers but also education is not promoted in poor sections due to lack of money. Nowdays educational institues produce robots in name of education. They are not told to learn but to score marks and come first. And how can forgert the problem faced in providing education to girls. Still we can some improvement around us but in rural areas condition is worse. Its time to improve our education system to brighten the future of our world
by anonymous
Yes poor education is affecting our children and it is lack of school and teachers.
by anonymous

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